Thursday, February 16, 2006

Alien Vs Predator

"Chevron's water rights for its DeBeque, Colo., shale oil project are leased, not sold, to the city of Las Vegas for drinking water. How will Las Vegas replace that in the future when Chevron won't extend the lease?" -- anonymous, via Byron King

This is funny! I was blogging about the stupidity and unsustainability of Las Vegas last year. Then I was blogging about a ludicrous shale oil boondoggle . Well it turns out that a significant part of Las Vegas' water supply come from water rights to the Colorado River that are owned by Chevron Oil. Chevron aquired the water rights when it bought a shale oil project! I read about this in a Whiskey & Gunpowder mail by Byron King. So I'm imagining two of the most wasteful, environmentally damaging enterprises, Vegas and oil shale production, fighting over water rights. Lets just hope they both lose and we start to think about sustainability. Fat chance.

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