Wednesday, May 17, 2006

US Dollar Faces The Firing Squad

Ben Bernanke's Federal Reserve has lost control of the dollar. Even long time friends of the dollar, like the IMF, have turned against it. Imagine how it would work if the entire world used Weimar reichmarks to trade goods and commodities? How about Zimbabwean dollars? Laughable, except that it is very real.

In the past 6 weeks the dollar has been falling like a bomb. We are awaiting the crash when it hits the ground. This is the real nuclear bunker buster, and it is aimed at us, not Iran. Gold has been accelerating it's climb. If we had the power to stop it we would.

Vladimir Putin has said Russia will soon require payment for their energy exports in rubles, not dollars. This is the trend. Norway says it will sell only in euros soon. China, Japan and most other asian nations are now negotiating the terms of a pan-asian currency, similar to the euro. I personally predict a South American regional currency to launch. The Chinese have also stated they will quadruple their gold reserves, from 600 to 2500 tons. This is a shot across the bow of the US Federal Reserve. Resource nationalization, of base and precious metals, and energy, is spreading worldwide. Colombia announced nationalization of its oil fields only yesterday, joining with Venezuela and Bolivia. Some day even the United States will have to nationalize mines and energy fields on US soil and waters. This will be an attempt to stay solvent, and defend our remaining resource wealth from foreign ownership.

These ominous signs point to huge shifts in the global economy that have barely begun to affect our daily lives, but will soon. There are only two options. One is an organized dis-assembly of the global economy, as governments come to grips with the fact that the US dollar can no longer function as the world reserve currency. Nations can find fixes, substitutes for the US dollar, work-arounds, etc, but it will take years. In that time the entire global order will shift. This will not be a slight change, more like a 180 degree re-alignment.

The other option is panic selling, driven by some crisis such as war or catastrophe, where foreign nations are forced to liquidate US treasury bills, or endure default. We should hope for the first option. Few things are certain, except one, and that is that none of the coming changes will benefit the United States.

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