Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Short Rant This Evening

There will be no shortage of blame at least. We will hear lots of “there'd be plenty of oil if it weren't for those damn enviro-freaks preventing us from drilling” or “we'd have all the oil we need if the hateful Iranians would just let us come in and run things”.

Meanwhile, the real problem, inexorably falling EROEI, is so subtle and gradual that people don't notice it. A constant series of political crises captures our attention. These crises will make it very hard to make sensible long term choices.

Iran is a case in point. Iran and the USA are intent on facing off in confrontation. They seem to have lost site of the fact that war would destroy lots of critical energy infrastructure. It might be very hard to bring Iranian oil production back after the massive bombing campaign they are talking about. They can't even get Iraq to produce oil. The Iraqi oil facilities were the only thing they cared about protecting all along, but it didn't even work! And now they want to do Iran also???? WTF??!!

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