Monday, June 06, 2005

will there be US currency controls?

Jim Rogers, the commodities investment guru, predicts that at some point in the near future, the US goverment will impose currency controls. No doubt this would occur after a US dollar collapse. He doesn't say this in his books, but he mentioned it in an interview with Fortune magazine, January '05. With currency controls, investments in foreign securities, bonds, commodities and currencies may be resticted or banned. The point will be that the United States will try to keep US dollars from fleeing to safer shores. Like Italy had in the 70s.

If this happens, Americans' best inflation defense will be a stash of gold in the basement. We can only hope they don't make gold ownership illegal. In any case, goodbye to the high tech banking system. If the big international banks collapse, they will have brought it on themselves, with their preposterous derivatives and hedge funds.

I've put some of my kids' custodial funds into 1 ounce gold coins. I chose Canadian maple leafs, because they are pure gold, not an alloy. I expect that the USA will impose currency contols. Export of dollars and gold will be banned. Gold will be legally bought and sold only by the US government.


monkeygrinder said...

I tend to think that if one wishes to buy gold in the present day, one should use cash and tell no one.

Silver is good too.

They can't confiscate what they aren't aware of. It isn't like gold comes with RFIDs in the binding.

Matt said...

I agree. Just by stuff like coins that can be evenly proven to pure gold. I've been reading that bars can be considered "unpure" if the chain of ownship is unbroken. If I had any money it would be going right into coins right about now.